Silkie Guinea Pig


Silkie Guinea Pig is a new type of guinea pig developed in 1970s in the United Kingdom.It’s founded by crossing between the Self Black and the Peruvian guinea pig.This guinea pig has a very unique look.And nowdays it’s very popular also.In Britain its known as Sheltie Guinea pig and in United States it is popular by the name Silkie.The origins of this type of guinea pig are very similar to the other guinea pigs.Silkie is the most gentle guinea pig.


By look the Peruvian and Silkie has similarity.They both have long hair.By the way these two types of guinea pig have many differences.Such as the Peruvian’s hair is slightly longer than the Silkie’s hair.Overall the Silkie appears to have a good shape.

Silkie has smooth coats.The coat generally accepted with longer hair.The hair of this pet is very unique.The hair flows down it’s shoulder and neck.Silkie has a wide variety of colors.Silkie has a teardrop shape.A Silkie with a satin coat is more softer and shinier than the others.Among all the Silkie is known the most gentle guinea pig.They are very nice and gentle creatures.It has a great reputation for their personality.This pet is not hyper like the other guinea pigs.They look shy when first meeting people.


Silkie maybe found in some pet stores over the world.It’s price around 25$ to 35$.If you r going to buy a Silkie guinea pig,then find a healthy guinea pig.Because a healthy pet has more brilliant eyes and is more good looking.


After buying a Silkie you have to bribe it with foods.And get them out of their cage for their comfort.This is a great pet for playing for the kids because it’s very soft.If you want to keep their silky and smooth hair you have to groom it regularly.If you spent money and time for this type of pet then the Silkie is right for youThis is obviously a high maintenance pet,so you have to take care of it frequently.Once you establish a schedule for it,the pet will eventually enjoy the process over time.

I shall recommend you to brush it’s hair daily to keep it’s hair silky.Most guinea pigs not take bath,but bathing this particular type of guinea pig occasionally can be beneficial.I shall recommend you to bath it once a month.You can also brush them for good cleaning of their body.You can also spot-clean it,that means you can soak it in a bowl of water and wipe it with a wet cloth.Brushing and untangling the Silkie’s hair is comfortable for it.

This diet of this guinea pig should be made up of food pellets,Timothy hay,delicious fruits,water,Vitamin C and veggies.You also have to give it some space for exercise and for entertainment.For it’s exercise you can set up a wheel so that it can run.You can also treat it during it’s playtime.


Keeping them healthy and happy is the duty of good pet owner.In return you will receive affection from your Silkie Guinea Pig.

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